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Over 25 years of service in restoring, repairing, glueing and leveling thousands of stones in the cemeteries of Iowa, as well as, adjacent states.

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Bob and Kathy will set monuments upright which have fallen over, repair broken stones, build a new base, if necessary and, yes, even locate those which have sunk so far into the ground that they are invisible to the human eye.

Why Cemetery Restoration Is Needed
Excerpt of an article that appeared in the MARSHALLTIMES in September 1997 -

"Who hasn't passed by an old cemetery with its sorry, leaning and flattened monuments and felt a sadness or melancholy?  Maybe an urge to go try and set them upright?  Perhaps you've never thought about why the monuments were leaning or even noticed that the ground appears wavy.  What you see is a result of the wooden caskets that have been used until recent times.  When the wood casket deteriorates and collapses, the gound sinks in that area, causing the monument to lean and the ground to flow unevenly.  But even with modern vaults, which do not collapse, the ground still moves some, being affected by drought, freeze/thaw cycles, and torrential rains."

Pictures of Hilltown Cemetery in Appanoose County, Iowa
Here are three pictures taken by Richard Ross on September 14, 2000 to show you why Cemetery Restoration and Repair is needed.  This cemetery is in real bad shape, partly due to the terrain.  View Pictures

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